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There's a trap in our sweet love
Wonder girl, good morning, I'm playing your voice again today
Smiling at me, coaxing me,
Your heart of a Sugarless GiRL

- sugarless girl by capsule

hello and welcome to my website! i've been kicking around neocities since 2017 or so, and i've been into archiving for even longer. this site functions primarily as a spot to upload my scans of various things i own.

in 2009, aged 8 (i was born in 2000!), i became obsessed with anime. this was just before the subculture waned as we entered the early to mid 2010s amid the onslaught of seasonals, but for a few brief years, i would spend my time watching series in 20 parts on youtube, consuming every amv i could find, reading deviantart fanfiction, and pouring over merchandise i couldn't afford. i did a few closet cosplays, and devoured all the manga i could get my hands on. around 2013, my obsession began to wane, but it was always there in the background.

in 2022, i discovered that i could buy things through mercari, the japanese version of ebay. i stocked up on everything my younger self wished for; japanese fashion magazines, cosplay books, figures, clothing, and other sundry pieces. i already had a strong collection of manga and a few issues of mercari magazine from my youth, but this was when i could truly get stuck in and rediscover my passion. i rediscovered my old neocities around this time - i've always been into old websites, technology, and cyber culture - and decided to create a site to archive my collection, as well as share it with others.